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An Introduction to Depression and Anxiety

This website is about depression, in all its forms, including what it is and how to relieve it. You might wonder what makes this site different from other sites with much loftier credentials in the medical field, and that is a fair enough question. My name is Christine and for the past 23 years I have been able to share my life with my husband. Now these days this itself is somewhat special, but my husband has a unique set of challenges. You see, he suffers from the devastating effects of PTSD, severe depression and terrible anxiety attacks which have, on more than one occasion, turned into full-fledged panic attacks.

If you have ever known anyone with such challenges, you will know firsthand what many doctors miss. These are real people with real medical afflictions who need first and foremost our compassion and understanding. They did not ask for this and they did nothing themselves to cause their medical condition. Panic attacks alone are amongst the worst feelings a human will ever experience - feeling that you are dying and having no relief or escape from the pain.

Over the years, Ken and I have been through a lot, with both my health and his. What we have learned is there are things we can do to help lighten the load and make day-to-day living more pleasurable. If you a reading this, I assume that either you or a loved one suffers from one of these afflictions. I am here to tell you that life does get better and there are things you can do to help these awful feelings to pass.

Natural Remedies for Depression

For many people, it is possible to fight depression and anxiety without the use of medications, or supplementing the use of medications, to help with both anxiety and depression. Different people have different types of depression, so there is no 'one size fits all' cure unfortunately. Also, you might have to experiment with various treatments and remedies before you find something which suits you and offers some kind of relief.

For some depression sufferers, that might be some kind of herbal supplement or, for others, daily exercise such as walking your neighbor's dog or taking up yoga, spending more time outdoors, talking about your feelings with your partner or best friend, or even investing in a desktop lamp for light therapy or learning some relaxing breathing techniques. You might need to combine several therapies and be patient too, as it can take days or weeks to notice an improvement in your condition. Depression is not something which can be cured instantly. Nor is it something a sufferer can simply snap out of. Depression is a recognized medical disorder, although the good news is that there are natural remedies for depression which can offer relief.

Self-Help for Depression

Overcoming depression is not easy or quick, but it is possible. You cannot beat depression by 'willing' yourself better, but you can take steps to try and improve your life and overcome the depression. You do have some control. Simple lifestyle changes like eating healthy food, taking daily exercise, challenging negative thoughts, taking time to relax, and spending time with other people, can help greatly. Begin with small goals and then build up from those.

Even if you only have a little bit of energy, you can perhaps manage to call a friend for a chat or take a walk around the block. These steps might seem insignificant and small, but they will add up fast, and putting energy into self-help for depression means you can get yourself to feel better by learning about what works for you. You might feel like isolating yourself from others but a chat could be just what you need. You might be craving junk food but a simple healthy meal will give you more energy.

How to Beat Depression

Some illnesses can be treated and cured with a course of tablets, a cream or lotion, physiotherapy, or a surgical procedure. Depression is not like that. There are different types of depression and also different levels ranging from mild depression which lasts a few days or weeks at a time and then lifts, to feeling suicidal almost all the time. The way to deal with depression is first of all to find out more about it, including the signs and symptoms of depression, and the various types, such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, or postpartum depression. Next it is important to realize that different patients require different treatments. Some people benefit from counseling, some from medication, some from taking more exercise, making a change in their daily activities, or combining natural treatments and therapies. There is help out there for depression sufferers and if you are depressed then you need to realize you are not alone.

Getting the emotional support you need plays a huge part in relieving depression. It can be very hard to maintain a good perspective on your own, and loneliness can make depression worse, so maintaining good relationships is very important. Reaching out to family and friends can seem scary, since you might feel guilty about neglecting the relationship in the past, or scared your loved ones will not understand what depression is, but remember your loved ones care about you and will want to support you in any way they can. Even if you do not feel like keeping up with social activities, you should try. Being around others can take your focus off how low you feel. Support groups for depression can also help, since you will feel less lonely and you can give and receive encouragement and share your experiences with people who know how depression actually feels.

Whatever is going on, there is no doubt that recovery starts with you taking action to seek help and guidance through these troubled times.



Have a Great Day, and thanks for visiting,

Christine and Everyone here at Natural Help Depression



Depression, Anxiety Help is Within Your Reach

Do you feel a black cloud hanging over your head? Do you feel unhappy but cannot put your finger on the reason why? Perhaps you are finding it hard to enjoy anything and other people do not seem to understand. Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder can all make you feel like this.

A lot of people suffering from some form of depression have these feelings and the changes might be gradual. Perhaps you feel blue for no reason, maybe your weight has been creeping up, or dropping off, even though you are not consciously dieting. These are warning signs of depression and literally millions of Americans suffer from depression without realizing it or without being able to give it a name. Depression does not just make you feel bad. It can also have serious financial and health consequences.

Our website, Natural Help Depression, has been created to confirm that you are not alone and there is definitely help out there for you. This website is owned by people who know first hand about the potentially devastating effects of depression. We are not scientists or doctors and those people often have no idea of how depression actually feels and how it can have a serious impact on life quality.

I have been battling with depression myself since I was fourteen years old and, although it still rears its head at times, I now have a quality of life I could not even envision previously. I am a good father and I have four lovely sons, who inspire me with the strength to make it through the bad times and live life to the fullest.

Before losing hope, I should say that I am perhaps a rare case. A lot of people find help from depression through such routes as pharmaceutical or natural medication, exercise routines, diet changes, and talk therapy. In addition, a lot of people only need this type of help for a short while. Every day, more is being discovered about depression and better drugs are being formulated to help.

It is very important to remember that you are certainly not alone and if you have had depression symptoms for more than a couple of weeks, you should see a professional. I would recommend a professional in the field rather than your usual doctor because they can understand the issues of depression on a deeper level and they have more experience. You might need to visit your doctor first though, so that he or she can recommend a specialist for you.

A lot of people suffering from depression find a lack of understanding from their nearest and dearest. The phrases "keep your chin up" or "smile, it might never happen" are hardly going to lift someone from depression to joy. Depression is very misunderstood and it is a real medical condition, which affects millions of people. You do not have to suffer in silence because help is available. Every human life is unique and valuable at the same time and we all lose when we let someone slip through the cracks when they could have been helped.

If you have a loved one or a friend who seems to be more than under the weather, please try to understand how they are feeling, even if you have never suffered from depression yourself. Your depressed friend might say things they do not mean or seem to be neglecting you but these are symptoms of the illness and your friend really cannot help it. Somebody suffering from depression will say or do nearly anything to escape from their pain and this is why they need your conviction and strength to see it through.

I am blessed to share my life with a partner who has been my rock when I was just a pebble. Even when I was not a nice person to be around, she has been by my side for twenty years now. I count my blessings every day, for this and for other small gifts. Looking at the picture as a whole, I realize that I have some of the most beautiful things life has to offer and I am a lucky man.

It is our hope that this website shows you that there is hope for you, there are tomorrows and you can make it through the depression and out the other side into the sunshine once more, as impossible as that looks right now. Depression is nothing to do with being crazy. Rather, it is a recognized medical condition and your brain is wired slightly differently. Please remember that there is hope and you can rid yourself of depression. The answer might seem far away or like an impossible dream but it is not.



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People who are depressed often wish to hide themselves away and be alone. They worry that others will not understand their sadness, or that their depression will rub off on others and make them feel low too. However, this is not the case. People who love you and care about you want to help however they can. They miss seeing 'the old you' and want you to be happy again. It can be very hard to find the energy to talk to others and get involved in social activities again but this can help to take your mind off your mood, and it can also help to make you feel better. Reaching out to others is an important step in treating depression.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Depression can strike anyone, young or old, male or female, and rich or poor. Absolutely anyone can have depression; it is not tied to a particular gender, ethnicity, age, or socio-economic group. Some people go through very difficult lives full of disappointments and struggles yet do not suffer from depression at any time. Other people have seemingly perfect lives with a great family, lots of friends, no money worries, a wonderful job and house, and yet are clinically depressed.

Depression is unrelated to who you are, your personal history, where you live, your age, or your gender. Some of these might make you a more liable candidate for depression but none of them guarantees you will or will not develop it. So what are the most common signs and symptoms of depression?

Common Depression Symptoms

Depression varies from person to person, although there are some signs and symptoms which many depression sufferers share. Someone who is depressed might sleep too much or find it hard to get to sleep or to stay asleep. They might feel helpless or hopeless, or find it hard to concentrate on tasks which seemed easy before.

They might seem more short-tempered, irritable, or aggressive than usual, or engage in reckless behavior like gambling, drinking or smoking to excess or driving carelessly. They might be eating more than usual or less than usual. Someone who is depressed finds it hard to control their negative thoughts and they might even feel that life is not worth living, since they cannot take pleasure in anything.

Any of these symptoms can be part of normal life, since we all have ups and downs, but the more of these symptoms you have, the longer they have lasted, and the stronger they are, can be used to diagnose depression. If you have some of these symptoms and you find they interfere with your everyday life and you feel overwhelmed, it is time to seek help.

Suicidal Warnings Signs

Although depressed does not necessarily mean suicidal, it is important to be aware of suicide warning signs if you are depressed or if you are seeking help for a friend or family member who is depressed. Suicide warning signs can include visiting or calling people to say goodbye, a preoccupation with death or dying, talking about self-harm or suicide, acting recklessly such as taking up a dangerous sport or driving through red lights, or suddenly acting happy and calm. There is no on/off switch with depression so suddenly seeing the sufferer happy should set alarm bells ringing.

Giving away prized possessions, writing a will or saying things like 'I want to end it all' or 'you'd be better without me' can also be warning signs, and should be taken seriously. If you are feeling suicidal or someone you know feels this way or is displaying any of these warning signs, it is very important to seek help without delay. You could save a life.

More about Depression Signs

Depression symptoms and signs are not necessarily the same thing. Many people who are depressed are ashamed of their symptoms. They believe (wrongly) that depression is some kind of personal weakness rather than a real medical disorder. They might try to hide their symptoms so there will be fewer visible signs of depression. They might fake their smiles or claim to be fine. If you are concerned about someone, it is usually best to express your concern and compassionately try to get them to talk about how they are feeling.

They might become emotional or angry, but remember this is the depression talking, not them. Nobody wants to feel depressed or anxious, so getting them to recognize there is help out there is the first part of the overall solution to beat the depression.

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Five Reasons to Get Treatment for Your Depression

1) Nobody Deserves to Be Depressed

It is very difficult to describe how depression feels, to somebody who has never been depressed, since it is so much more than just a passing sadness. Depression is one of the most crippling illnesses of all. Just because you can't "see" depression does not mean it is not a horrible and crippling disorder.

2) Depression is Treatable, So Why Suffer?

It is possible to find relief from depression and to be happy again, so why would anyone prefer to remain depressed or choose not to seek help? Depression is not something you choose, but a recognized medical disorder. There is help out there, so you do not have to suffer in silence any more.

3) Those Who Love You Want You to Be Happy

Your depression affects those around you - your husband or wife, your partner, your kids, your parents, and friends - all of these people can see your inner struggle and wish you were better. Those closest to you want to see you happy again and want to have fun times with you again.

4) There is Light at the End of the Tunnel

Although you might feel that nothing is going to shift that big, black cloud above you, there is light at the end of the tunnel for many depression sufferers. You do not have to be depressed forever. There are therapies, natural cures and other helpful resources available to you.

5) Natural Help for Depression Works

Thousands of people suffer from depression and many have already been helped by taking steps to identify and treat their illness. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. You want your life back. Well you can have it back.


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